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Woman extradited for interfering with child custody

A 37-year-old woman has been extradited back to Alabama for a warrant that stems from 2003 when she allegedly interfered with a child custody case.

When the couple divorced in 1999, the couple was awarded joint custody and primary physical custody was awarded to the woman. According to police, the woman’s ex husband was given temporary child custody in 2001 after it was determined by a judge that she was unable to keep full employment after the couple’s divorce.

Then in 2001, the woman’s ex husband filed a motion to stop the visitation after she took the children to her home instead of back to the custody of her husband.

She then fled to Alabama and claimed that her ex-husband was abusing and neglecting her kids. She was given temporary custody, but this same day she was charged with interfering with child custody. The case is still being resolved at this time.

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