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Understanding the difference between divorce and legal separation

While the idea in both a divorce and legal separation is for the married couple to continue their lives with minimal involvement from their spouse, the two have distinctive differences that could affect parting couples.

When individuals file for divorce, they are seeking to absolutely end any ties they have with their legal spouse. Divorcing couples normally have to agree who will take the custody of the children and the division of their wealth or properties that they may have after being married. When the divorce has been completed both parties could find another person that they want to be with and enter a new marriage.

On the other hand, legal separation is a formal confirmation for separating a married couple, where often they will live apart. Due to its nature, individuals who are legally separated may get into trouble if they decide to cohabitate with or date someone else. A benefit for spouses who are legally separated is that they could continue to have their family insurance and tax benefits.

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