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Texas Supreme Court considers divorce forms

The Texas Supreme Court is currently considering whether they will approve the idea of using divorce forms in the state as a way to make it much easier and cheaper to get a divorce for those who may not usually be able to afford an attorney.

The idea of using ‘Do-It-Yourself” divorce forms is a very controversial one. On one side of the argument, you have a group of people that think that this will make the process much easier and the legal system will be more accessible.

The other group thinks that the divorce and family law in general is too much of a sensitive matter to be able to handle without the help of an experienced legal professional. The court used a task force to help create these forms so that Texans who can not afford a lawyer can still get a divorce.

The forms were meant for less complicated divorces where there are no children and few other assets to divide. Texas is currently one of only 13 states that does not have any type of divorce form. The task force then presented these forms to a board and it is unknown whether the board will approve the forms for the court’s use or if the court will make up their own.

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