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When to consider ending your marriage

Considering a divorce is often a long and painstaking process. Many people seek help from friends, family, and professionals to help determine when it may be time. Author and parenting expert Doctor Gail Gross shared what she considers to be signs that divorce is likely the best option, Huffington Post published on February 9.

1. Abusive behavior towards you or your family–whether emotional, financial, or physical–should warrant serious consideration for divorce.
2. While individual instances of cheating or lying can perhaps be worked though, Dr. Gross says that habitual patterns of either of these behaviors may be grounds for divorce.
3. If two individuals have grown to have irreconcilable life, career, or relationship goals, a divorce may be the only option.
4. If one partner’s self-esteem or self-worth has been compromised by trying to mend a broken relationship for a significant period of time, you may want to consider moving on.

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Creed’s lead singer headed for divorce

Scott Stapp’s wife recently filed for divorce, claiming that the singer is hooked on drugs, an article on reported December 1.

Jaclyn Stapp reportedly moved out of their house in October and filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Florida the following month. Jaclyn is asking a judge to put Scott inside a substance abuse facility. In her divorce documents, Jaclyn claimed that the 41-year-old vocalist has been abusing several different kinds of drugs and that he is becoming a threat to himself and to their family.

Scott recently released a series of concerning videos stating that he is struggling financially, and that he places the blame on a number of different people and institutions.

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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke heading for divorce

Actress Paula Patton has recently filed for divorce from her husband Robin Thicke, an article on Daily News stated October 8.

Reports said Patton, 38, decided to end the marriage citing “irreconcilable differences” eight months after the couple separated. The divorce was not contested, and the pair is reportedly making decisions regarding the division of their estate themselves. The filing comes after allegations of Thicke’s extramarital involvement with a massage therapist. Patton requested shared custody of their son Julian Fuego, 4, and did not seek financial support from her soon-to-be ex. Paula and Robin were married for eight years.

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President of multi-million dollar company in extended divorce battle

48-year-old James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, has been avoiding a $5 million pre-nuptial pact payout to his 33-year-old wife Rebecca for two years in a divorce battle.

Dondero claimed insolvency in trial on October 23, stating that other pending lawsuits have drained his approximate $36 million in yearly earnings. He will find out in November if this claim will allow him to avoid the payout.

In 2012, his company profited $374 million, a four-fold return, with the sale of oil recycling company Safety-Kleen to Clean Harbors for $1.25 billion.

The couple has been married since 2006 and has two daughters.

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