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UFC fighter accused on Instagram of abusing former girlfriend

Heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter Travis Browne has been accused of domestic violence in an Instagram post made by his former girlfriend, Fox Sports reported on July 9.

According to reports, Browne was suspected of domestic violence after Jenna Renee Webb posted a photo collage on social media showing several injuries which she implied were inflicted by Browne. In a statement, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commission said they would not tolerate athletes that committed violent acts like this. An independent investigation was commissioned, but until then, Browne was prevented from joining a fight in Las Vegas.

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Chicago Bears player accused and arrested for domestic assault

American footballer Ray McDonald was taken into custody in Santa Clara on May 25 for a domestic violence incident, ABC News reported.

Information from the Santa Clara Police Department stated that the 30-year-old defensive end was apprehended after he allegedly attacked a female who was holding a baby at an apartment; although their identities were not confirmed, this is the location where McDonald’s ex-girlfriend and child live. Charges of child endangerment and misdemeanor domestic violence were later filed against McDonald, who has been accused of domestic assault before. Though McDonald’s current football team did not comment on his arrest, George McCaskey stated that they were initially hesitant of having him on the team.

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Domestic violence protection bill awaits signature

A Texas law that will protect domestic violence victims has been forwarded to the governor’s office, the Plano Star Courier reported on May 7.

Senate Bill 112, or the “Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence Act,” penned by Senator Van Taylor, is waiting to be signed after it was approved in the Texas House of Representatives. Under the submitted bill, domestic violence victims and their families can be immediately protected by a judge from all communication with their assailants–not just harassment or threats. Senate Bill 112 proponent, Hope’s Door CEO Jim Malatich, stated that victims will have the space to assess their situation without influence from a negative relationship.

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Los Angeles Kings player charged for abusing spouse

A professional hockey player for Los Angeles Kings was recently charged with felony domestic violence for assaulting his wife in their California home, a December 15 article on ESPN LA said.

The charge that was filed against 24-year-old Slava Voynov last month will proceed after a judge weighed the evidence presented. A Redondo Beach Police officer testified that Marta Varlamova was physically assaulted by Voynov last October. Varlamova had a serious facial wound after she was allegedly pushed by Voynov into their television screen. The officer also stated in his testimony that blood was present in the couple’s house during the incident. Voynov, who was suspended by the National Hockey League, is scheduled to appear in court before the end of December.

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Creed’s lead singer headed for divorce

Scott Stapp’s wife recently filed for divorce, claiming that the singer is hooked on drugs, an article on reported December 1.

Jaclyn Stapp reportedly moved out of their house in October and filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Florida the following month. Jaclyn is asking a judge to put Scott inside a substance abuse facility. In her divorce documents, Jaclyn claimed that the 41-year-old vocalist has been abusing several different kinds of drugs and that he is becoming a threat to himself and to their family.

Scott recently released a series of concerning videos stating that he is struggling financially, and that he places the blame on a number of different people and institutions.

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Hornets’ forward Taylor nabbed for assaulting woman

Basketball player Jeffery Matthew Taylor was nabbed in East Lansing, Michigan for assaulting a woman, an article on stated September 26.

Reports said the 25-year-old forward for the Charlotte Hornets was charged of domestic assault in connection to a September 25 incident where he allegedly assaulted a woman he was seeing. Authorities stated that they are not yet releasing further details regarding the altercation due to an ongoing investigation. Taylor was also charged of intentional destruction of property. The Hornets confirmed Taylor’s arrest and stated that he is prohibited to join team activities while the incident is being examined.

Victims of domestic abuse can be left physically and emotionally devastated. In this difficult situation, getting a lawyer’s help is important to take legal action to stop an aggressor that you used to trust and love. Find out how the Colleyville attorneys of Alexander & Associates may help protect you today by calling 817-756-4040.