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The Divorce Selfie Trend Sweeping Social Media

For many couples, divorce is not a time for celebration. However, a new social media trend of sharing the exact moment a divorce is finalized is challenging this.  Instagram is now full of selfie-style photos depicting smiling couples as they hold signed divorce papers posted with the hashtag #divorceselfie. This may seem like a confusing and rare occurrence, yet hundreds of ex-couples are choosing to celebrate divorce instead of condemn it.

Just as Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow famously agreed to a “conscious uncoupling,” ex-spouses are praising themselves and their ex-partners in finishing the divorce process amicably. For Melissa Smith, a 36-year-old divorcee, the Instagram post was in celebration of the friendship she is keeping with her ex-husband as they continue to raise their two children as partners instead of enemies.

The trend is not a revelation that divorce is a completely happy event. The couples that partake in the social media trend often state that they are sad to end their relationship but glad that it existed at all. Smith reported that her divorce only lasted four months and cost $1,500 in mediation fees, much lower than long-winded divorce settlements caused through ex-spouse animosity. The amicable split resulted in a better situation for the parents and children involved in the divorce.

At Alexander & Associates, we understand that divorce is never an easy decision. Our goal is to walk you and your partner through the process while working to protect your family. Our compassionate and dedicated family law attorneys are ready to answer your questions when you call (817) 756-4040 today.

Basketball player nabbed for allegedly assaulting former fiancé

Fox59 has reported that Miami Heat basketball player Greg Oden was charged with battery on August 7 for allegedly punching his former fiancé.

According to the incident report, a witness claims that the 26-year-old punched the woman in the face. Responding officers observed that Oden’s former girlfriend had blood and some lacerations on her face. A relative of the victim who also witnessed the incident said Oden and the victim often have disputes when they see each other. Oden, who did not showed signs of violence after the incident, expressed disappointment for his actions and said that he will take “full responsibility” for what happened.

Victims of domestic violence often suffer psychologically and physically from their traumatic experiences. If this happened to you in Colleyville area, the lawyers of Alexander & Associates may legally protect you against people who abuse you. Discuss your situation with us today by calling 817-756-4040 to find out how we may help you.

Study: Higher divorce rates for couples that share housework

A study involving thousands of Norwegian married couples shows that divorce rates are higher for married couples that share housework equally. About 25% of the couples who participated in the study divided housework equally.

The findings show that in 71% of marriages, women do more of the household chores. This group has a lower divorce rate than the couples who split housework evenly.

The group with the highest divorce rates were the couples in which men did most of the household chores. Researchers in the study have stated that the evidence shows that “gender equality in the home does little to protect against divorce.”

If you or a family member has been considering divorce, you deserve a legal representative on your side who can help you through this process with as little stress as possible. Contact the Colleyville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today for more information about how we can help you.

Baby boomers divorce rates increasing

The divorce rates among baby boomers is increasing even though other divorce rates are beginning to level out. According to research done at Bowling Green University, the number of divorce cases for couples over 50 has gone from one in every 10 to one in every four.

Officials have stated that there are many reasons  why more and more couples over 50 are getting a divorce, but longer life spans and more emphasis on ‘self-fulfillment’ and ‘happiness’ are two reasons that researchers have noted.

Now that life spans are averaging around 80, after people retire at 60 or 65, they realize they have much more life to live and may want to get out of unhappy marriages if needed.

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Texas Supreme Court considers divorce forms

The Texas Supreme Court is currently considering whether they will approve the idea of using divorce forms in the state as a way to make it much easier and cheaper to get a divorce for those who may not usually be able to afford an attorney.

The idea of using ‘Do-It-Yourself” divorce forms is a very controversial one. On one side of the argument, you have a group of people that think that this will make the process much easier and the legal system will be more accessible.

The other group thinks that the divorce and family law in general is too much of a sensitive matter to be able to handle without the help of an experienced legal professional. The court used a task force to help create these forms so that Texans who can not afford a lawyer can still get a divorce.

The forms were meant for less complicated divorces where there are no children and few other assets to divide. Texas is currently one of only 13 states that does not have any type of divorce form. The task force then presented these forms to a board and it is unknown whether the board will approve the forms for the court’s use or if the court will make up their own.

If you or a loved one has been considering a divorce, you need representation on your side at this time that may be able to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Contact the Colleyville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today by calling 817-756-4040 today.

Study finds connection between health and age when divorced

Michigan State University sociologists have researched the topic of divorce and health, and have found a connection between health problems and age when divorced.

There were 1,282 participants in the study, which spanned over a 15 year timeline. Several factors were examined during that time, including: age when married, age when divorced, health status throughout marriage, and health status throughout divorce. The findings were published in the Social Science & Medicine magazine.

The study showed that individuals who went through a divorce between the ages of 35 and 41 suffered from more health complications than people who experienced a divorce at a later age. These results were compared to the health statuses of the participants who stayed married throughout the entire course of the study.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to have experienced representation on your side. Please contact the Colleyville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates by calling 817-756-4040 today.


Heritage High School musical debuts over weekend

The Colleyville divorce lawyers are pleased to announce the debut of the musical, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, opened on Friday at Colleyville Heritage High School.

The showed played twice on Saturday at the Colleyville school theater and will have another showing the weekend of Feb. 2-4.  The musical is based on a Broadway show that feature Daniel Radcliffe and Nick Jonas.

The play is about a man that uses a self-help  book to help launch his career from a window washer and up toward the corporate ladder. The cast has worked after school for an extended period of time and spend the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend rehearsing.


Fort Worth area residents participate in healthy lifestyle challenge

Eight cities in the Fort Wort area are taking part in a healthy lifestyle challenge and the city that achieves the goal the best, will win a cash prize of $25,000 for the city. The city who receives second place will receive $15,000 and third place will receive $10,000.

The Lifestyle Improvement Challenge is sponsored by the Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine. Cities that have agreed to participate include Colleyville, Grapevine, Hurst, Euless, Roanoke, Keller, Haslet, and Watauga.

A Healthy Communities Task Force will be judging which city best achieves the most healthy lifestyle. Colleyville began the challenge with a kick-off race. The Run, Walk & Read race was on Nov. 5. Other events, such as healthy cooking demonstrations, also took place.

Grapevine is offering a weight loss competition within its city and the person who loses the most weight between Jan. 1 and March 3, will win a cash prize.

The Colleyville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates are interested in news that affects the community in a positive way. For further details on the event, visit the Star-Telegram website today.

Zooey Deschanel files for divorce from Ben Gibbard

After being separated for two months, actress and singer, Zooey Deschanel has filed for divorce from the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard.

The couple was married for two years and representatives for them have said that the split was friendly. They couple was married in September 2009 and there have been recent reports that a third party has created stress in the relationship.

Deschanel is also the lead singer of the band She and Him and the couple was originally introduced by the music manager whom they share.  The divorce papers stated that the reason for the split was “irreconcilable differences.”

If you or a loved one has been considering a divorce, you need representation on your side. Contact the Colleyville divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates by calling 817-756-4040.

Expansion planned for Texas 26

For nearly 10 years, area residents have been working to get Texas 26 expanded from four lanes to six. Money was set aside quite some time ago, but the parties involved could not get the rest of the funds together for the expansion project.

In May, the City Council gave money to fund the project and it is expected to begin this spring. The project includes the widening of the roadway from the Brumlow Avenue/Grapevine’s Pool Road to just south of the John McCain intersection in Colleyville. The bridge over Big Bear Creek will also be replaced as a part of the project.

The Colleyville divorce lawyers are interested in keeping Colleyville residents informed on news in their surrounding area. For further details on this story, visit the Star-Telegram today.