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Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow to divorce after year of separation

After revealing their separation last year, celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow and husband singer Chris Martin filed for divorce in Los Angeles, BBC News reported on April 22.

The estranged couple announced their separation last March 2014, stating that they had tried to work things out for a year before deciding on their “conscious uncoupling.” Gwyneth and Chris are both seeking joint custody of their two children. The divorce papers did not reveal many details, such as asset division, but it did dictate that each would pay for their own attorney fees. The estranged couple has been married for 11 years.

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Professional baseball player Josh Hamilton files for divorce

The former left fielder for the Los Angeles Angels is in the process of filing for divorce from wife, Katie Hamilton, according to paperwork filed in North Texas and a Yahoo! Sports article on April 19.

The couple has been married since 2004, and although the cause for their divorce has not been stated nor publicized, the paperwork cites “conflict” as the reason for their split. Hamilton has a long history of substance abuse problems and reported a cocaine relapse earlier this year.

The couple recently agreed to not communicate during this time, and Hamilton is currently prohibited from visiting his children without supervision. Additionally, he is not allowed to visit three of the couple’s properties, one of which has been put up for sale. While he may never play for the Angels again, he is still owed $83 million for his contract.

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What will be treated as community property during a divorce?

Any property that was accumulated by a married couple during the course of their marriage will generally be considered community property. However, any property that may be proved to belong to a single partner—for instance, property that was acquired before a marriage began—will be considered as separate property when dividing assets during a divorce.

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Division of Property in a Divorce

The characterization and division of assets is often the most complicated and conflict-ridden aspect of divorce. Deciding to leave a marriage might be a straightforward decision, but identifying who is entitled to certain property such as residences, businesses, or valuable furniture can be extremely difficult. This process often requires the assistance of a divorce lawyer.

Before fairly dividing the property in a marriage, you will need to characterize it as either separate or community property.

  • Separate property is characterized as all property acquired by an individual before the marriage, or property acquired through direct inheritance or as a gift.
  • Community property refers to all assets acquired during the marriage. This includes stock, businesses, and material possessions.

It is often difficult to pinpoint whether property was acquired before or during the marriage. For this reason, it is highly advisable to seek professional legal assistance for fair characterization and division of assets.

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Sue Ann Arnall rejects $975M divorce settlement

Harold Hamm’s estranged spouse recently rejected the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement, claiming she deserves a larger payout due to her role in building the company, an article on PIX 11 stated January 7.

Arnall rejected the check sent to her by the oil tycoon on January 5, her legal representatives confirmed. Though Harold agreed to pay $975 million in November, Sue Ann recently filed an appeal, claiming that they both contributed to the company’s wealth. Sue Ann was once a top executive in the oil company. The oil magnate who founded Continental Resources countered the appeal claiming his company and financial assets have suffered from the sudden drop in oil prices.

Harold and Sue Ann, who were together for 26 years, did not have prenuptial arrangements.

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Clint and Dina Eastwood divorce finalized

Just days before Christmas, Clint and Dina Eastwood’s 18-year marriage finally came to an official end, as their divorce was finalized by a Monterey County Superior Court judge, the Daily News reported.

The couple initially separated in August of 2013 after being wed since 1996, and shortly after the split, Dina filed for divorce. Dina cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split and additionally revealed in an interview last year her strong doubts that her and Clint would be getting back together. How assets were divided between the couple, often one of the most contentious and challenging aspects of divorce, was not disclosed.

This is Clint’s second marriage, following his first marriage to Maggie Johnson that ended in 1984. Clint and Dina also share one 18-year-old daughter together, Morgan Eastwood.

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Schwarzenegger’s three year divorce to end in December

The divorce process between Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger and long-time partner Maria Shriver is scheduled to finally end this December, stated on September 17.

According to reports, the divorce process between Schwarzenegger, 67, and Shriver, 58, took time to resolve due to their huge wealth that will be distributed among them and their children. The estranged couple, including their four grownup children, agreed to divide their wealth that amounts to $400 million. Maria filed for divorce in July 2011 months after Arnold admitted to having an extramarital relationship with their housekeeper that bore a child who is now 16 years old.

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