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Food Network’s Bobby Flay in divorce battle

The divorce between Bobby Flay and Stephanie March began as an ugly public battle beginning with rumors of affairs, according to Inquisitr on May 24.

Recently, March sought to invalidate the prenuptial agreement she and Flay signed. Her argument is based on the financial hardship she would sustain without greater alimony payments. A new medical condition is keeping her from working and sustaining the lifestyle she enjoyed while married to Flay.

Flay responded by revealing that her medical condition is the direct result of her decision to enhance her breasts through plastic surgery. He publically argued that he should not be responsible for a decision she made and the consequences that resulted. If March loses her case, she will receive a lump sum of $1 million and a monthly allowance of $5,000 through the original prenuptial agreement.

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Why should I consider filing for temporary alimony?

If you have given up certain career opportunities or assets for the benefit of your marriage, but are going through a divorce, the thought of separation could make you worry that you may not be able to provide adequate support for yourself or your family. Additionally, reaching a fair financial agreement in divorce proceedings can sometimes take a number of years.

Temporary alimony is spousal support in the form of a cash reward that will provide the funds you need to continue supporting yourself and your family during divorce proceedings. You should consider filing for temporary alimony if you have given up certain opportunities for your marriage, if you are struggling to make ends meet without continuous spousal support, and if a permanent alimony agreement has not yet been reached.

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Sue Ann Arnall rejects $975M divorce settlement

Harold Hamm’s estranged spouse recently rejected the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement, claiming she deserves a larger payout due to her role in building the company, an article on PIX 11 stated January 7.

Arnall rejected the check sent to her by the oil tycoon on January 5, her legal representatives confirmed. Though Harold agreed to pay $975 million in November, Sue Ann recently filed an appeal, claiming that they both contributed to the company’s wealth. Sue Ann was once a top executive in the oil company. The oil magnate who founded Continental Resources countered the appeal claiming his company and financial assets have suffered from the sudden drop in oil prices.

Harold and Sue Ann, who were together for 26 years, did not have prenuptial arrangements.

Filing for divorce is an extremely complicated process, especially if asset division and alimony is contended. In this difficult situation, enlisting an efficient attorney is important in order to ensure that your personal interests and rights are safeguarded. Find out how the Colleyville attorneys of Alexander & Associates may work for you today by calling (817) 756-4040.

Richard Marx and Cynthia Rhodes divorce

The Los Angeles times recently reported that famous balladeer, Richard Marx and his wife, Cynthia Rhodes have divorced.

According to reports Marx, 50, confirmed the divorce during an interview with Katie Couric. Marx’s spokespeople later stated that the estranged couple had been living separately since last July. Marx and Rhodes first met during the production of the movie “Staying Alive.” They got married in 1989 after years of dating. In their 25 years of marriage, the two had three children.

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David Guetta and wife file for divorce in Paris

International celebrity music producer, David Guetta and his wife, Cathy, filed for divorce recently, marking the end to their 23-year marriage.

The estranged couple reportedly settled their divorce in a Parisian court. The reason for filing remains unknown to the public. David and his wife Cathy, 46, were married in 1992. David, who has an estimated net worth of $30 million, has two children with Cathy.

Filing for divorce can take up quite a bit of time and energy. If you are filing for divorce in Colleyville, the attorneys of Alexander & Associates could be an asset to you. To discuss your situation with a member of our experienced legal team, call 817-756-4040.