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Smoking tobacco may be factor in child custody case

A growing trend seen in divorce cases in nearly 18 states across the country, is the use of smoking tobacco as a factor in child custody disputes. A recent study done by the group, Action on Smoking and Health, shows evidence of this trend.

Eighteen states show that smoking cigarettes is used in cases when determining the custody of children. The study showed that in some cases judges asked parents to not smoke 24 to 48 hours before a child was to stay with them.

In many cases, the judge has stated that parents are not to smoke in front of the child especially while driving in the car. There have even been cases where a parent has lost custody or it has been reduced from smoking tobacco in front of the child.

Some judges have stated that parents can not smoke in their houses 24 to 48 hours before the child comes to visit. Secondhand smoke can have very negative affects on a child and this is why it is being used in case as possible danger to the child.

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