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Sean Payton and wife file for divorce

Sean Payton, the suspended coach of the New Orleans Saints, and his wife of nearly 20 years have recently filed for divorce in Texas.

According to court documents, Sean Payton filed the papers in Tarrant County after claiming a “discord or conflicts of personalities.” The documents also stated that the couple is seeking to divide the couple’s assets as well as get joint custody for their two children.

The original papers were filed on June 14 and his wife, Beth, filed a counter petition on June 26 stating that she wanted to be granted primary custody of their children so that she will be the one to make decisions regarding matters such as medical care and education.

The counter petition also asks that Sean Payton pay child support and pay for the children’s medical treatment costs. The papers were filed in Texas because the family lives in a Fort Worth suburb where they moved to in 2011.