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The decision to get a divorce is never an easy one, but sometimes it must be made for the greater well-being of both parties. When two people without children are in agreement that a marriage can no longer work and are able to separate their belongings on their own, a simplified divorce may be an option. As the name suggests, a simplified divorce is one of the easier routes to finalizing a divorce. Couples who choose this route are able to avoid court costs, legal battles, and other stressful divorce-related issues.

Getting a simplified divorce may keep you out of court, but it may still be necessary to have legal counsel in order to protect yourself from any unexpected change of plan. Legal counsel can help you navigate through the process of filing for a simplified divorce and assist you in any legal needs that may come with the divorce. For an experienced divorce attorney, contact the Colleyville simplified divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates at 817-756-4040.

When is a Simplified Divorce an Option?

A simplified divorce is not available to all couples who wish to end their marriage. There are some matters, such as child custody, which typically must be reviewed by the court, so any case affecting children may not be pursued as a simplified divorce. The following are some of the requirements which must be met for simplified divorce to be an option:

  •  The couple may not have any minor children
  • There must be an agreement by both spouses that the marriage is not salvageable
  • There must be an agreement by both spouses on how property will be divided

If a couple meets these requirements, a simplified divorce is an easier way for them to dissolve their marriage without the headaches of a contentious divorce.

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