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Colleyville Military Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce is likely to cause a certain amount of distress in addition to uncertainty regarding the legal aspects of the separation. However, when it comes to military divorces, that confusion may be even greater as the laws for military divorces are different and more complicated than civilian divorce laws. Thus, it is important to seek assistance from a Colleyville military divorce attorney who is prepared to handle your military divorce case.

If you or your spouse is in the military and is considering divorce, you need an attorney who thoroughly understands the intricacies of military divorce laws and can provide you with experienced legal representation. The Colleyville military divorce attorneys of Alexander & Associates have years of experience with military divorces and can provide you with the service you need. Call our offices today at 817-756-4040 to discuss your case.

Common Issues with Military Divorces

Military divorces come with a variety of issues that are handled differently than in civilian divorces due to certain considerations made by the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act. Some of the issues common in military divorce cases include:

  • Residency requirements for divorce filing
  • Complying with military rules and regulations
  • Housing considerations
  • Distribution of military pension
  • Child custody and deployment time

The issues surrounding military divorce may seem overwhelming, but an experienced lawyer can help protect your interests and guide you towards a satisfactory separation.

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The Colleyville military divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates understand that divorce is a trying time, particularly for those who are dealing with the additional stress of being in the military or having a spouse in the military. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a successful divorce with acceptable terms despite the concerns associated with military divorce. Contact us today at 817-756-4040 to speak with a compassionate attorney.