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When it comes to divorce, there seems to be no easy route to resolution regarding child custody, alimony, property division, and other issues. Fortunately, however, the recent development of collaborative divorce has made it possible to avoid much of that stress, provided both parties are willing to commit to a civilized, collaborative process. This can be a helpful choice for couples who are ending their marriage peacefully and do not need a judge to dictate their divorce agreements.

If you are considering divorce and believe that collaborative divorce is right for you, you still need the help of an attorney to mediate your divorce agreement and ensure that the process is properly conducted. To discuss your case, contact the experienced Colleyville collaborative divorce lawyers of Alexander & Associates today at 817-756-4040.

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse has their own lawyers, but the object is negotiation, not litigation. Both parties and their attorneys enter into a contract which states that they are working toward an agreement on terms together and will do their best to avoid litigation.

Some of the advantages of collaborative divorce include:

  • It is less costly and less time-consuming than engaging in divorce court
  • You have more input because you are working with the other party to reach favorable terms
  • You do not have to put your children through a court battle
  • The smoother process is less hostile and less emotionally draining than regular divorce

For those who are able to agree to work together for reasonable and respectful divorce settlements, a dedicated Colleyville collaborative divorce attorney can help you through this process.

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Any divorce has the potential to be very difficult for both parties, but collaborative divorce may be the best option if you and your spouse are able to agree upon the terms of the divorce. If you are considering collaborative divorce, the Colleyville collaborative divorce attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you get a settlement that is favorable to everyone. Contact Alexander & Associates today at 817-756-4040 to learn more.