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Child support orders are made upon the settlement of a divorce and the amount is based on several factors relating to the non-custodial parent’s income as well as the needs of each child. However, there may come a time when this child support needs to be increased. When an increase in child support is called for, the parent who requests the increase must petition the court for a new order or file a request with the CSRP (Child Support Review Process).

If circumstances warrant an increase in child support payments, you may need the help of an experienced attorney to achieve the outcome you desire. A Colleyville child support attorney of Alexander & Associates can help you make sure your legal rights are represented. To speak with an attorney today, contact our offices at 817-756-4040.

Circumstances that May Warrant an Increase in Child Support

There are a few different reasons for an increase in child support. These include:

  • An increase in the non-custodial parent’s income
  • A change in the living situation of the child or children
  • A change in the health insurance of the child or children

In the state of Texas, a change in child support may only be ordered if these circumstances have changed or if it has been at least three years since the original order or last modification of the child support agreement.

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