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When a married couple with children gets divorced, it is not unusual for the non-custodial parent to be ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon for a parent charged with making these payments to evade paying child support, leaving the custodial parent in a financial bind or depriving their child of necessities. When this happens, the custodial parent has a right to petition the court to have their child support order enforced.

If your ex-spouse is refusing to pay court ordered child support, the Colleyville child support enforcement attorneys at Alexander & Associates can help. Contact our offices today at 817-756-4040 to speak with an experienced attorney about your situation.

Methods of Child Support Enforcement

Getting someone to make child support payments can be difficult, but the help of an experienced attorney can make it easier to petition the court to get the payments you need. Some of the methods that may be used to enforce child support payments include:

  • The court may take a portion of the parent’s paycheck from their employer
  • The court may hold liens against their property
  • Driver’s license suspension, professional license suspension, or fishing / hunting license suspension
  • The court may place the delinquent parent in jail

If you are dealing with an ex-spouse who is refusing to make child support payments, you should not put up with their refusal to make the payments that are owed to you and your child.

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