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When a couple divorces, it does not necessarily mean that their financial relationship comes to an end. In certain cases, where during the marriage one individual was supported financially by the other spouse, it may be necessary for that support to continue through regular payments after the divorce. Alimony arrangements are usually made in the original divorce settlement, but on occasion there may be a need for additional financial support, causing one spouse to seek increased alimony payments.

If you are considering modifying your alimony, you need the help of a qualified and knowledgeable attorney to represent your interests. A Colleyville increasing alimony attorney of Alexander & Associates has the experience necessary to help you with your modification of alimony. Contact our attorneys today at 817-756-4040.

Reasons for Increase in Alimony

An increase in alimony may be stipulated in the original divorce settlement with certain clauses such as a cost of living increase clause which provides for an increase in response to an increase in the cost of living, and an escalator clause, which provides for an increase in alimony any time the providing spouse earns a raise. If there is no clause, an increase in alimony may be sought if:

  • The spouse receiving payments loses their job
  • The spouse receiving support becomes ill
  • The spouse giving payments receives a substantial pay increase
  • There is a change in the law that allows for more alimony support

If you are in need of an increase in alimony or circumstances have changed that warrant an increase in alimony, a divorce attorney can work with you to get the alimony you need.

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