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When a couple gets married, they agree to support each other in many ways, including financially. If the marriage ends, the financial support is sometimes continued if there is an order of alimony payments decreed by the court. Generally, changing the terms of alimony payments once they are set is difficult. However, it is sometimes necessary to modify alimony because of drastic changes in a person’s financial circumstances. When this happens, the court must be petitioned for a modification of alimony.

If you are dealing with an issue regarding alimony modification, a qualified divorce attorney can help you with the legal procedure and paperwork necessary to make the change. At Alexander & Associates, our Colleyville modifying alimony lawyers are committed to helping clients get the alimony ruling they need. To speak to an experienced attorney, call 817-756-4040 today.

Types of Alimony Modification

The reasons for modifying alimony vary. Some ex-spouses may find themselves unable to make alimony payments due to financial difficulties, while others may require additional payments for unexpected costs, such as medical bills. Types of alimony modification include:

For an alimony modification to be granted, the judge must rule that the change in circumstances is legitimate and significant. Fortunately, a knowledgeable Colleyville modifying alimony lawyer can help you prove that the modification is necessary, or conversely, that your spouse’s request to change your alimony agreement is invalid.

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If you are facing an issue with alimony modification, the Colleyville modifying alimony attorneys of Alexander & Associates can help. To speak with a qualified attorney about your rights in this situation, contact us today at 817-756-4040.