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Divorce will result in the division of many different possessions and assets, including finances. This can be especially challenging when one spouse brings in most or all of a family’s income. If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, a divorce settlement may mandate spousal support payments, or alimony. This type of payment requires the providing spouse to continue supporting his or her ex-spouse so that they both can maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during their marriage.

Reaching an alimony agreement is sometimes a challenge for a couple going through a divorce. Choosing an attorney that you can trust to work in your best interest is critical. At Alexander & Associates, our
Colleyville alimony attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients reach a fair alimony settlement so that they can protect their future financial stability. Contact our offices at 817-756-4040 for more information on our alimony services.

Alimony Issues

When reaching an alimony settlement, every couple will have to work through unique challenges to make sure that both spouses get the support they need. Our team of alimony lawyers is available to help you take care of alimony questions pertaining to:

With an attorney by your side, even the most difficult and confusing divorce issues can be overcome. The lawyers of Alexander & Associates are available at any time to help you deal with your alimony concerns and move towards a fair divorce settlement.

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The Colleyville alimony attorneys of Alexander & Associates know that divorce can be a challenging process, but one that is extremely important for your future. If you are in need of alimony assistance or have questions pertaining to other aspects of your divorce, do not hesitate to contact our offices at 817-756-4040.