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New study reveals why divorce is harder for men

A recent comparative study in the Journal of Men’s Health revealed that men are at higher risk of suffering health and mental problems than women after a divorce. The study found that strokes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are more prevalent among divorcing men than women.

Relationship expert Lewis Denbaum explained that men who are going through divorce proceedings tend to lose track of their career and other successes because of the value placed on marriage as an important aspect of their life.

Denbaum also said that men tend to suffer more from divorce because the notion for men as a provider is being challenged, and for the fact that most men want to get married and have a legacy on their own.

Lastly, Denbaum said men tend to suffer from health problems, like depression and high blood pressure, more than women after divorce because most men try to fix their problem alone and are less likely to seek help dealing with their emotions.

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