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Man jailed for abusing partner’s child

A man was arrested after he was suspected of inflicting serious injuries to a child under his care in an apartment in southwest Houston, a news outlet reported on March 17.

Police were alerted by a hospital on March 12 to report a 1-year-old toddler suffering from a seizure and serious injuries. In an initial interview, 20-year-old Edgar Ivan Gutierrez told police that his girlfriend’s son fell down the stairs prior to having the seizure. Police later found out that the boy was thrown to the floor by Gutierrez.

The boy reportedly sustained skull fractures, a brain bleed, and other physical injuries that, according to authorities, were probable signs of abuse, contrary to the initial statement of Gutierrez. Police said the boy’s mother wanted to bring him to a doctor but Gutierrez prevented her.

Gutierrez who is currently booked in Harris County Jail was charged with serious bodily injury to a child.

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