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Data shows that divorce occurs in 79 percent of separations

According to a recent study, divorce occurs in nearly 79 percent of all marital separations. Factors such as children and the length of the separation are all taken into account when a divorce is being determined.

Separation seems¬† to be more common then just going straight to divorce, especially in couple’s that have young children under the age of 5. Researchers did an analysis on 7, 272 individuals that were in between the ages of 14 and 22 and were married at some point.

Out of the individuals, 51 percent of the couples were still married. Out of the rest of the couples, 60 percent stated that they have been through some type of marital separation and 79 percent of this group stated that their separation resulted in a divorce. The average separation is four years if a couple divorces and if the couple reunites, the average number of years is two.

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