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Dallas Cowboys Rookie Faces Domestic Violence Investigation

After playing college football Ohio State, standout running back Ezekiel Elliott was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft. A couple months after the draft, in July, is when Elliot’s ex-girlfriend claims that he assaulted her.

Elliott’s accuser filed a police report with the Columbus, Ohio police department, where the assault allegedly occurred. According to the report filed, the police interviewed four witnesses, including one witness who was in the car where the assault supposedly took place. All of the witnesses told cops they didn’t see an assault. When contacted by the police, Elliot himself vehemently denied striking his accuser. In the end, Elliot wasn’t charged with a crime, as the city attorney’s office cited “conflicting and inconsistent information” from Elliot’s ex-girlfriend. However, the NFL is still investigating the incident as part of its domestic-violence policy, which could result in a suspension for Elliott. While Dallas Cowboys reportedly feel comfortable with Elliot’s story, a spokesman for the NFL declined to comment on their investigation.

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