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New nationwide divorce rate has been the lowest since 1980

Researchers at Bowling Green State University recently released a data that shows last year’s nationwide divorce rate has been the lowest since the year 1980, a November 17 article of Time reported.

According to the researchers from the “National Center for Family and Marriage Research”, last year’s divorce rate has declined to 1.69 percent, making it the lowest since 1980 when the recorded rate was 2.28 percent. As the divorce rate continues to decrease, the researchers observed that there was a simultaneous increase in people getting married over the last few years. The report admitted, however, that the two recent data has nothing to do with each other, and determining factors of declining divorce rate is difficult. The researchers analyzed data in every 1,000 married women whose age is 15 or older.

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“Teen Mom 2” Star Loses Primary Custody of Children

Leah Messer, 23, of the reality television show “Teen Mom 2” was stripped of primary custody of her twin daughters after her ex-husband petitioned the court. Corey Simms, ex-husband to Messer and biological father to the twin girls sought a change in custody when he discovered the girls were continuously arriving late for school.

She reportedly took care of the girls most of the time but failed to bring them to their kindergarten class on time. This recurring incident happened 10 times over August and September.

Messer will now only have custody of her daughters over the weekend while Simms will care for the girls during the week. Simms just announced the birth of his third child with current wife Miranda who also claims Messer is exhibiting dangerous behaviors, such as prescription pill addictions, that could endanger the twin girls.

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez File Separate Divorce Petitions

Halle Berry has filled a petition for what will be her third divorce, this time from current husband Oliver Martinez, on October 23. The actress originally filed under the alias “Hal Maria” and later submitted a revised petition that removed the pseudonym. Martinez filed a separate petition on the following Tuesday, a factor that may play a role in the divorce court proceedings.

It is reported that both parties filed for joint custody of their 2-year-old son, Maceo. The couple had discussed moving to France, Martinez’s home country, but Berry has apparently elected to remain in the United States due to the decision to divorce.

In 2012, Martinez was a part of a violent brawl with Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubrey. This episode could be used against Martinez if the couple does not agree on a custody arrangement and the matter goes to court. Custody may also become a point of contention due to Martinez’s choosing to reside in Europe while Berry remains in California. She specifically asked the courts to order Martinez to seek permission before removing their shared child from California.

While the couple has spoken to reporters about keeping the divorce amicable, there are already signs of possible contention down the road. Divorce is never a simple or emotionally easy process. As such, your divorce lawyer should be compassionate as well as experienced and dedicated to your case. The Colleyville divorce attorneys at Alexander & Associates want to help our clients start a new life. To speak with a member of our team about your situation, please call (817) 756-4040 today.