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Understanding the difference between divorce and legal separation

While the idea in both a divorce and legal separation is for the married couple to continue their lives with minimal involvement from their spouse, the two have distinctive differences that could affect parting couples.

When individuals file for divorce, they are seeking to absolutely end any ties they have with their legal spouse. Divorcing couples normally have to agree who will take the custody of the children and the division of their wealth or properties that they may have after being married. When the divorce has been completed both parties could find another person that they want to be with and enter a new marriage.

On the other hand, legal separation is a formal confirmation for separating a married couple, where often they will live apart. Due to its nature, individuals who are legally separated may get into trouble if they decide to cohabitate with or date someone else. A benefit for spouses who are legally separated is that they could continue to have their family insurance and tax benefits.

If you are in a situation in which you are confused on how you want to choose to live separately from a former spouse, a Colleyville attorney of Alexander & Associates may work for you. Our skilled family law attorneys may clearly explain to you both options for you to make a well-informed decision. Call us today at (817) 756-4040 to learn more about your options.

Divorce final for celebrity ex-couple Berry and Martinez

A Los Angeles judge recently officiated the divorce between Hollywood actress Halle Berry and actor Olivier Martinez, a report of stated on December 30.

According to reports, the divorce procedure of Berry and Martinez—initiated in 2015—had begun smoothly as they settled for the joint legal and physical custody of their child, Maceo. However, the court required them to also finalize a “property settlement” to proceed with the divorce procedure, which took a while. Berry and Martinez initially filed for divorce in 2015 after being married in 2013, however, a California law led Martinez to retract his filing for Berry to become the “sole petitioner.”

Individuals who have decided to file for divorce often have to deal with great emotional and physical pains. The situation could be worst if they are unfamiliar with their rights. If you are in such situation in Colleyville, a family attorney of the Alexander & Associates may represent you. Find out how we may work on your behalf today by calling (817) 756-4040.

Celebrity couple Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey heading to divorce

Well-known celebrity couple Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are ending their two-year marriage after the former had filed for divorce in a move that, according to many, was “unexpected,” a USA Today article reported on November 21.

Reports said Naya, on November 15, had cited “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce papers she filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Naya is reportedly asking the court for the full custody of her one-year-old child from Dorsey, 33. Breaking up is not new for Naya and Ryan as they also broke up in 2010, reports also said. Naya had an abortion after the breakup, and in 2013 she got engaged to Big Sean before marrying Ryan in 2014.

When you are filing for divorce and want to secure the custody of your children, working with an experienced lawyer is critical mostly if you are unaware of the law and its complicated filing process. If you are in Colleyville a lawyer of Alexander & Associates may work for you. Consult us today at (817) 756-4040 to find out how we may legally assist you in the filing process.

Former Bulls’ member Scottie Pippen divorcing spouse of 19 years

Famous NBA player for the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen recently filed documents to end his 19 years of marriage with reality TV staple Larsa Younan, a report for the Chicago Tribune stated on October 21.

A legal counsel of the 51-year-old former small forward of the Bulls said that her client is asking the media to respect his privacy, including that of his four children with Younan. Pippen reportedly filed his divorce papers from Younan on October 18. The now estranged couple reached stardom, helping them to their joint extravagant finances and real estate properties, of them, they have been trying to sell the Highland Park and Fort Lauderdale properties. The filing process is difficult for Pippen, the legal counsel also said. Details of the divorce were not available as of reporting and Younan has not issued a statement regarding Pippen’s divorce filing.

The attorneys of Alexander & Associates represent Colleyville individuals who have decided to file for divorce. If you are in such a process, we may possibly help you lessen your burden by giving you the best legal representation in the whole process. Speak with us today by calling (817) 756-4040 to learn more about your legal options.

Former spouse of Mary J. Blige demanding financial support

The estranged spouse of music artist Mary J. Blige is demanding spousal support, a report of New York Daily News revealed on September 15.

According to reports, Kendu Isaacs also wants Blige to pay his legal fees. The spousal support issue was revealed in July after the ex-couple filed for divorce. The 45-year-old singer is trying to prevent Isaacs from filing for spousal support. As of reporting their divorce, the two are still in the process of dividing assets and it was not clear if they had a prenuptial agreement before they got married in 2003. Blige cited “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce papers she filed from Isaacs, who was also her former manager.

The Colleyville attorneys of Alexander & Associates represent individuals who are fighting to obtain spousal support. If you are in such a situation, we can tirelessly work on your behalf to help you receive the financial support you need to secure your future. Call us today at (817) 756-4040 to find out how we can walk you through your divorce.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood to divorce

A June 28 article of USA Today revealed that Elvis Presley’s sole heir, Lisa Marie, is divorcing her musician spouse of over 10 years, Michael Lockwood.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 24, the 48-year-old music artist cited “irreconcilable differences” in her divorce filing. Lisa Marie and Michael reportedly separated earlier this month, court records also showed. The estranged couple worked together in the music industry and have two twin daughters. Lisa Marie’s previous spouses are Danny Keough, Nicolas Cage, and Michael Jackson. She married Lockwood in January 2006.

Filing for divorce is often a complicated process, especially if you are unaware of state laws. If you are in the midst of filing for divorce, working with a compassionate, dedicated attorney can help make your proceedings run more smoothly. Start the fight for your rights by speaking with a Colleyville attorney at Alexander & Associates. Call us at (817) 756-4040 to learn more about your options.

Don McLean agrees to $10 million settlement in divorce

American musician Don McLean is expected to finalize his divorce from his spouse of nearly 30 years after agreeing to a $10 million settlement, an article of ABC News reported on June 20.

Legal documents revealed McLean’s wife, Patrisha, cited abusive treatment, irreconcilable differences, and adultery as reasons in the divorce papers she has filed against the 70-year-old “American Pie” singer. The couple has two adult children. McLean was arrested but pleaded not guilty earlier this year when charges of domestic violence were filed against him.

If you have decided that it is in your best interest to file for divorce, working with an experienced legal team is important, especially if you are unaware of the legal process and your divorce involves a substantial number of assets. Speak with the Alexander & Associates legal team in Colleyville today by calling (817) 756-4040 to find out how we may be able to work on your behalf.

Wife of former 49ers star files for divorce after rape allegations

Terri Stubblefield filed for divorce on February 29 after her husband, former San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield, was charged with sexually assaulting a woman last year.

The alleged victim, a 31-year-old woman, claimed that Stubblefield sexually assaulted her in his home when she came to interview for a babysitting job in April 2015, but Stubblefield denies the allegations completely. The victim reported the assault to the Morgan Hill Police immediately following the incident, and the charges are now coming under investigation. Terri and Dana Stubblefield were married for nearly seven years. Terri is seeking full custody and spousal support for their two children.

The attorneys at Alexander & Associates in Colleyville represent individuals who have decided to make the emotionally difficult step of filing for divorce. Our experienced attorneys may be able to offer you legal assistance as you proceed with the divorce process. Learn more about your options moving forward by calling (817) 756-4040.

Long time couple Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock finalized divorce

Well-known American country music artist Reba McEntire recently stated that her 26 years of marriage with Narvel Blackstock have officially ended, an article of the NY Daily News reported on December 20.

According to reports, the divorce of McEntire and Blackstock was finalized on October 28. Through her official Facebook Page, McEntire confirmed that her divorce with Blackstock was finalized after months of separation. The 60-year-old singer also thanked her supporters in the online statement. The ex-couple both stated that they will continue working with one another. McEntire is most well-known for her 1980’s songs “Somebody Should Leave” and “How Blue.” Blackstock has served as McEntire’s manager for many years. 

The lawyers of Alexander & Associates in Lewisville represent people who have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Our legal team provides compassionate services to clients dealing with family law issues. To speak to an attorney today about how we may be able to help you through this ordeal, call (817) 756-4040.  

Jane Seymour finalizes divorce from husband of 22 years

Jane Seymour, former star of the popular television show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” has finalized her divorce from husband James Keach. Keach was Seymour’s fourth husband, and the two were married for 22 years. Seymour, 64, and Keach, 68, filed for divorce in April 2013 and only recently finalized the process. It was reported that the actress will keep a home in Malibu, an estate in England, and lump sum of $132,000 from the divorce. Her former husband will walk away with L.A. Dodgers season tickets.

The amicable separation made it possible for the couple to also split certain shared property. For example, the former pair will share their Sherwood Country Club membership, 100 gold South African Krugerrands, and 100 Canadian Maple Leave Coins. The two worked on multiple projects together, including “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and “Walk the Line,” any additional profits from which will also be shared.

Seymour recently opened up in an interview about divorcing in her 60s and the effects it has had on her family. The couple co-parents adult twin boys, and Seymour is the mother of two other children from previous marriages.

Divorce at any age is a difficult process for all parties involved. If you are interested in filing for divorce, the compassionate and experienced attorneys at Alexander & Associates want to help you. Divorce does not have to be a drawn out process. If you would like to discuss your concerns with a member of our team, please call us today at (817) 756-4040.