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Deciding factors that could impact pet custody after divorce

Individuals in Colleyville who have filed for divorce often have to deal with serious emotional stress. However, circumstances are usually tougher for estranged couples when they realize they have properties they need to divide between them. Divorcing individuals who have pets should understand that Texas courts consider pets as property.

Below are the deciding factors estranged couples should consider upon deciding who will take custody of the pets:

  • Possibility to have joint custody of pets
  • Who is more responsible for taking care of the pets
  • The pet’s reaction towards its owners
  • The spouse who was granted custody of children

There are some situations where pets play a crucial role in the lives of people, and fighting for custody is important, especially if you think your pets will live better lives with you. If you want to learn more about pet custody and how a lawyer could work for you in Colleyville, contact Alexander & Associates. Find out how our lawyers may fight for the custody of your pets today by calling (817) 756-4040.

What will be considered as community property?

As you and your partner work through the process of divorce, you will both need to come to an agreement about how your assets will be divided.  While property that is privately held by you or your partner may not be claimed by anyone but the owner, anything that is considered to be community property may be claimed by either party.  Community property is considered to be any property that was acquired over the course of the marriage that does not explicitly belong to a single person.  With this in mind, you will want to be sure that your interests are protected and well represented in any agreement you make with your partner about how you will diving your assets.

If you and your partner plan of legally dissolving your marriage, you should speak with one of the Colleyville divorce attorneys with Alexander & Associates about what you will need to do to protect your interests as you move forward with your life.  To speak with one of our attorneys, please call our Colleyville offices at 817-756-4040 today.

What will be treated as community property during a divorce?

Any property that was accumulated by a married couple during the course of their marriage will generally be considered community property. However, any property that may be proved to belong to a single partner—for instance, property that was acquired before a marriage began—will be considered as separate property when dividing assets during a divorce.

If you are planning on pursuing a divorce from your partner, you should consult with one of the Colleyville divorce lawyers at Alexander & Associates to begin developing a legal strategy to protect your assets. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our divorce lawyers, please call our Colleyville offices at 817-756-4040 today.

Division of Property in a Divorce

The characterization and division of assets is often the most complicated and conflict-ridden aspect of divorce. Deciding to leave a marriage might be a straightforward decision, but identifying who is entitled to certain property such as residences, businesses, or valuable furniture can be extremely difficult. This process often requires the assistance of a divorce lawyer.

Before fairly dividing the property in a marriage, you will need to characterize it as either separate or community property.

  • Separate property is characterized as all property acquired by an individual before the marriage, or property acquired through direct inheritance or as a gift.
  • Community property refers to all assets acquired during the marriage. This includes stock, businesses, and material possessions.

It is often difficult to pinpoint whether property was acquired before or during the marriage. For this reason, it is highly advisable to seek professional legal assistance for fair characterization and division of assets.

If you are going through a divorce and have questions regarding the characterization and division of assets in your marriage, a family law attorney can help. The talented legal team at Alexander & Associates has experience in a wide variety of divorce cases. Call our Colleyville offices today at 817-756-4040.

Troy Aikman makes payments in recent divorce agreement

Since the divorce between NFL football star, Troy Aikman, and his ex-wife last year, Aikman has come through with the settlement agreement that was finalized in the case.

Aikman has now paid $1.75 million to his ex-wife, but it is unknown if he has paid anymore than this fee.

Aikman is a legend in the NFL after being a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for years. The couple managed to keep their divorce relatively quiet and out of the media. Aikman is allegedly worth nearly $25 million.

If you are going through a divorce and are need experienced representation to help you with legal aspects such as the division of assets, contact the Colleyville division of assets attorneys of Alexander & Associates by calling 817-756-4040.