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Thousands of Texas fathers wrongfully forced to pay child support

In Texas, nearly 128,000 fathers are paying child support to children who are not theirs. However, a new law is aiming to reduce this statistic.

For example, a Harris County man has been paying $1,400 a month in child support for two children who are not actually his, according to a recent DNA test. Until recently, the law stated that even if a man discovered that he was not the father of the child for whom he was paying child support, he had to continue to pay because it was in the best interest of the child.

The new law gave men until September 1 to ask for DNA testing to show the court that the children receiving their financial support is not theirs. However, if a man found out in the past year that he was not the father, he can still petition the court after the deadline.

Despite potentially releasing men from paying child support to children who are not theirs, critics are still against the limited time period in which men have to file these petitions.

Sean Payton and wife file for divorce

Sean Payton, the suspended coach of the New Orleans Saints, and his wife of nearly 20 years have recently filed for divorce in Texas.

According to court documents, Sean Payton filed the papers in Tarrant County after claiming a “discord or conflicts of personalities.” The documents also stated that the couple is seeking to divide the couple’s assets as well as get joint custody for their two children.

The original papers were filed on June 14 and his wife, Beth, filed a counter petition on June 26 stating that she wanted to be granted primary custody of their children so that she will be the one to make decisions regarding matters such as medical care and education.

The counter petition also asks that Sean Payton pay child support and pay for the children’s medical treatment costs. The papers were filed in Texas because the family lives in a Fort Worth suburb where they moved to in 2011.


Dennis Rodman sentenced after failing to pay child support

Dennis Rodman has been sentenced to 104 hours of community service and as three years of unofficial probation for his failure to submit required child support payments.

The 51-year-old former NBA player was charged with four counts of contempt due to his refusal to pay. The legal issues over this matter began in 2004 when his ex-wife, Michelle, claimed that he was failing to make support payments.

The charges that led to this sentencing were brought in 2009 and 2010. At that time he was required to pay nearly $50,000 each month, but the payment amount has since been reduced to $4,500.

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