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Types of Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and complicated endeavor on its own, but one of the more stressful aspects that people tend to overlook is simply choosing what type of divorce to pursue. Depending on the circumstances of a divorcing couple’s situation and relationship, one of the several different types of divorce may be better. At Alexander & Associates, our team believes that anyone in Colleyville will be better prepared for divorce by knowing these different types of divorce.

Kinds of Divorce

When it comes to divorce, a person in Texas can pursue one of the following:

  • Contested divorce – for couples who can’t come to an agreement regarding property and child custody
  • At-fault divorce – an older type of divorce in which a person is required to prove their spouse was at-fault for the divorce
  • No-fault – a newer type of divorce in which a person simply has to cite “irreconcilable differences”
  • Summary – an expedited divorce procedure for couples that have been married for a short period and meet certain requirements
  • Uncontested – allows you and your spouse to work out the terms of the marriage without having a formal trial
  • Collaborative – you and your spouse each hire attorneys who will work in cooperation with one another to reach a settlement
  • Mediated – when a neutral third party called a mediator sits down with you , your attorney, and your spouse to help you communicate with one another

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