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Texas and No-Fault Divorce

In some states, those who want a divorce must site fault or reason for filing a divorce. However, this is not the case in Texas. In Texas, one can file a no-fault divorce if a couple wants to part ways but feels that no single party is at fault for causing the divorce. This can often simplify the divorce process.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a divorce, you do not necessarily have to site a fault for it in the state of Texas. But even if you and your spouse agree to divorce on these grounds, you likely still want legal representation throughout your divorce proceedings so as to ensure that your interests are fully considered and protected. For any questions or concerns regarding divorce, contact an experienced Colleyville divorce attorney of [firm-name] today by calling us at [phone-number].

Common Reasons for Divorce

Even with a no-fault divorce, people decide to end their marriages for some reason or another. Some common reasons for ending a marriage might involve:

  • Differences in religion / culture
  • Different ideas regarding children
  • Falling “out of love”
  • Different living habits

Being able to file a no-fault divorce in Texas is exceptionally convenient, as you don’t have to search for some fault to site as a reason. Sometimes people simply want to end their marriage, and Texas makes this a little easier than some other states. However, legal representation is still often a good idea if you’re going through a divorce so that you can best ensure your interests receive consideration and are protected.

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