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Substance Abuse and Divorce

There are many reasons marriages fall apart. Sometimes it is a lack of fidelity on the part of one spouse, other times it can be a widening gap in goals and interests between spouses, and sometimes it is due to overwhelming financial difficulties. Substance abuse is also a common reason for divorce, either in combination with these other issues, or simply by itself. When one person in a marriage is chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol, it can put serious strain on the relationship. When attempts at change fail or the addicted spouse refuses to seek help, the other spouse may feel like there is no better option than to seek divorce.

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Problems Caused By Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can cause a multitude of problems in a marriage. Some of the common issues that couples face when one person abuses drugs or alcohol include:

  • Financial troubles
  • Infidelity
  • Breakdown of communication
  • Inability of the addicted spouse to maintain steady income
  • Inability of the addicted spouse to provide trustworthy child care
  • Legal problems

These troubles can quickly become major issues in a marriage, bringing it to a point where one spouse feels they are unable to remain in that relationship.

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