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Substance Abuse and Child Custody

When a couple with children gets a divorce, it is clear that any substance abuse issues will greatly affect the outcome of the child custody agreement. A parent who abuses illegal substances can be a danger to a child, and it is important for the other parent to make sure the issue is made known to the court in order to protect their children. In some cases, this may mean the administering of a drug test to one or both parents. In any case, if you are fighting for child custody and you know or suspect your spouse has a substance abuse problem, it is important to have sound legal representation to fight for a custody arrangement that is best for your children.

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The Dangers of Substance Abuse around Children

There are many dangers that a child could face when under the care of someone who actively abuses illegal substances. These include:

  • Exposure to illegal substances
  • Potential for neglect or abuse
  • Erratic or irresponsible behavior on the part of the parent while intoxicated
  • Potential for other illegal activity or criminal persons to be present
  • Potential for poor decision making, such as driving under the influence with the child

These effects can dramatically affect a child’s quality of life and well-being. Fortunately, the court provides avenues for parents to voice their concerns and provide sufficient evidence that can affect the outcome of child custody proceedings.

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