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Sharing Custody during the Holidays

The holiday season at the end of the year is often a time of great excitement and joy for children. For parents, much of the joy comes from witnessing their children’s happiness. Understandably, then, when families are separated by divorce, there are often contentious disputes regarding the time that each parent will be able to spend with the children.

If you are considering divorce or are dealing with child custody issues around the holidays, the Colleyville divorce attorneys of Alexander & Associates can help. We are committed to making sure your child custody issues are given the utmost care because we understand how important time with your children is. Contact us by calling 817-756-4040 today.

Planning for the Holidays

The following are some useful guidelines to help you plan for the holidays so that everything might go a little smoother for everyone:

  • Know exactly what your custody agreement says about visitation times – Before you begin planning your holiday schedule, knowing the terms of your agreement can prevent wrongful assumptions about what you are each legally entitled to.
  • Try to discuss the issue with your ex-partner amicably – understand that you each have a desire to spend time with your children during the holidays and try to avoid descending into an argument about outside issues. Instead, think of what is best for your children.
  • Begin planning early – Trying to rush through planning at the last minute is almost a guarantee that you will have conflict during the holidays. Make sure the plans for your custody arrangement are set well in advance.

No matter what happens, it is best to always think of the children first. The first holiday after divorce can be equally distressing for kids as they too are adjusting to a new situation.

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