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Reasons to Go to Court

When it comes to divorce, most people would prefer to deal with the situation by negotiating with their spouse on their own or through mediation with an attorney. While these ways of dealing with divorce may be preferable, they may not always be the right option. When other avenues of working out the terms of divorce do not work, going to court may be the only way to settle important issues, like alimony and child custody, between you and your spouse.

If you are going through a divorce that is heading to court, it is essential that you have an aggressive attorney on your side who can make sure your interests are protected. At Alexander & Associates, our Colleyville divorce lawyers have the skill and experience needed to help clients get the outcome they deserve. Contact us today at 817-756-4040.

When to Choose Court over Mediation

There are many situations where divorce court may be the only or best option. These could include:

  • Your spouse is using a combative attorney – in some divorces, one spouse may hire an aggressive attorney who convinces them to go to court.
  • Your spouse has a history of being a bully – If your marriage was filled with situations in which your spouse used verbal or physical abuse to get their way, it is doubtful that you will be able to reach a fair agreement without the intervention of the court.
  • Your spouse refuses to communicate – If your spouse has stopped communicating with you and is avoiding negotiation, divorce court may be the only way to settle the divorce.
  • Your spouse is hiding assets – If your spouse has assets which they are attempting to hide in order to avoid splitting them in the divorce, you will probably have to resort to going to court to force them to reveal their hidden assets

Whether you need to go to court for these or other reasons, it is always best to have an attorney who is skilled in handling any aspect of a divorce and prepared to passionately fight for you.

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