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Physical Vs. Emotional Affairs

Television and movies often treat affairs as passionate and exciting adventures, but they rarely reveal how devastating they can be for everyone involved. Unfortunately, in realtity affairs come in many different forms and can tear families apart. Most people only think of the physical breach of a marital agreement when they think of an affair, but emotional affairs are also quite common. These types of affairs can often be as damaging as a physical affair, and unfortunately, often lead to divorce.

If someone in your relationship has been involved in an emotional or physical affair and you are considering divorce, you need the representation of a qualified and compassionate divorce attorney. Our Colleyville divorce attorneys of Alexander & Associates are committed to protecting the interests of our clients. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 817-756-4040.

What Defines an Emotional Affair?

The characteristics of emotional affairs vary from those of a physical affair. An emotional affair is typically defined as:

  • Keeping secrets from the spouse but sharing them with a person outside of the marriage
  • Spending excessive amounts of time with an individual outside of the marriage
  • A loss of emotional intimacy within the marriage
  • Turning all problems and doubts over to an individual outside of the marriage that one would normally share with their spouse
  • Developing feelings of intimacy and/or love for someone else besides a spouse

Although these are characteristics that could define a friendship, they also may fit an emotional affair, something that could ruin a marriage.

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