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Modifying Alimony

In marriages that last for several years, there is often a development of financial dependence between the spouses. When one spouse is completely financially dependent on the other, divorce may be a matter of more than just parting ways. In these cases, alimony payments are often ordered by the divorce court, meaning that the spouse who typically provided for the couple financially must continue to make payments to the dependent spouse, even after the marriage is over. In some cases, this payment is subject to change. Whether a person is successfully able to modify alimony payments depends on several conditions.

If you believe that a modification of the terms of your alimony agreement is appropriate, whether you are the payer or the payee, it is important to consult with a skilled and experienced attorney. Contact the Colleyville alimony modification attorneys of Alexander & Associates by calling 817-756-4040 today.

Conditions for Modifying Alimony

Alimony is not changed easily, but some circumstances warrant this modification. The following are some reasons why alimony may be subject to change:

  • The provider is laid off, receives a substantial pay reduction, or demotion at work that makes it difficult to continue payment at the same level
  • The dependent spouse cohabitates with a significant other or remarries
  • The provider becomes ill or disabled, unable to work, or has increased medical bills.
  • The provider retires (at age 65, alimony is usually harder to modify if the person retires before that age)
  • The cost of living increases
  • The payer is found to have misrepresented his or her income when the original agreement was established

The judge in an alimony modification case has to reach the conclusion that the change in circumstance is significant enough to warrant such an amendment.

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