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Minor in Possession

Although it may not be uncommon for teenagers to attend parties with alcohol present, it can be extremely detrimental to their future if the police are called and tickets are given to party-goers. An under-aged individual who is found with or near alcohol at an event can be charged with minor in possession, or MIP.

If your child has received an MIP, it is imperative that you face these charges head-on. The experienced Colleyville juvenile defense attorneys of Alexander & Associates know what it takes to get this type of charge dropped or reduced in severity and can provide your child with the aggressive and experienced legal representation that he or she needs. Contact us at 817-756-4040 for more information on our services.

Information on MIP’s

In Texas, alcohol-related crimes have harsh punishments. Even a teenager without alcohol in their system may receive a ticket if they are in the presence of alcohol at a party. Anyone under the age of 21 may be at risk of receiving a minor in possession ticket if they:

  • Are holding a drink for a friend
  • Are inside a vehicle where alcohol is within reach of minor passengers
  • Are sitting at a table with unattended alcoholic beverages
  • Have collected an empty beer can or cup

Even the most responsible youth can make mistakes, and when they do, you need an attorney you can trust to protect your child’s interests and future.

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There is no reason for one mistake to take away future opportunities for your child. If you are in need of professional legal counsel regarding an MIP charge, the Colleyville juvenile crimes attorneys at Alexander & Associates can help. Contact us at 817-756-4040 to speak to a member of our qualified team today.