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Making Changes to Your Custody Agreement

One of the most important issues in many divorces is child custody because the type of custody arrangement that is agreed upon or ordered by the court affects the lives of everyone involved. Custody agreements set out who the child will live with, how much visitation is granted, and who is responsible for important decisions in the child’s life. However, these custody arrangements are not completely permanent and may be modified through a new court order if circumstances warrant a change.

If your child custody situation is in need of changes, having an experienced attorney can give you the best chance of getting the appropriate changes. The Colleyville child custody modification attorneys of Alexander & Associates can help you make sure the best interests of you and your child are protected. Contact us today at 817-756-4040.

Circumstances That Warrant Changes In Custody

No one can predict what their situation will be in the future, thus the need to change custody arrangements is a common issue. Some of the reasons why someone might request a change in child custody include:

  • The child decides to live with the other parent (typically when they are 12 or older)
  • Changes in the lifestyle of the custodial parent (can range from a demanding new job to substance abuse)
  • Child abuse
  • Dysfunctional situation in the primary caretaker’s home
  • Major change in location
  • Temporary changes

Generally, in addition to these factors, the preference of the child is taken into account when a court is deciding whether or not to grant custody changes.

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If you or your spouse wants to change the previously established child custody arrangement, the Colleyville child custody modification attorneys of Alexander & Associates can help. We understand that this is a very important issue and we are here to do everything we can to fight for a satisfactory result. Contact our offices today at 817-756-4040 to speak with an attorney about your case.