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Is Your Out-of-State Restraining Order Enforceable in Texas?

The state of Texas provides some fairly flexible rules regarding how out-of-state restraining orders work. In particular, the state allows individuals from other states to automatically enforce their restraining and protective orders without a need to register their order with the state or National Crime Information Center registry. While a person may still want to take this extra precaution, the police officers in the state of Texas will continue to enforce valid out-of-state orders without a need to verify special registration.

Requirements for a Valid Out-of-State Restraining Order

Although people moving to Texas from another state may not need to take additional steps to register their order with the state, the order must still be considered valid before it’s considered enforceable. A valid restraining or protective order must meet the following requirements:

  • The order must have been provided to prevent violent threats or actions, sexual abuse, or physical or communicative harassment
  • The abuser must have been properly notified of the restraining order and provided the opportunity to argue their case against it
  • The court issuing the order had the legal authority to do so

Under these grounds, a restraining order will be considered legally enforceable in Texas. However, if the individual holding the order needs to make changes to it, they will need to file a petition in the state where it was originally issued.

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