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Internet Communication Rights for Custodial Parents

Separated parents who share custody of their children may be entitled to certain communication rights when they are away from the kids. If one parent prevents this communication, the other parent may be able to have his or her communication rights legally enforced, including the right to communicate through various internet and instant messaging services. However, there are certain provisions that must be respected by both parents when it comes to internet communication with their children.

Provisions of an Electronic Communication Order

A successful claim to establish electronic communication through the internet may grant a parent certain rights and privileges that the other custodial parent must respect and accommodate. These provisions often include the following:

  • As long as it’s reasonably priced and accessible, the proper equipment for online communication should be installed and maintained
  • A child’s contact information should be shared between parents
  • If any changes are made to that information, these changes should be shared within 24 hours
  • Communication should only occur at reasonable hours and for reasonable durations
  • The parent with current custody should respect the privacy of communication

Parents who are ordered to provide this kind of communication and fail to do so may face significant penalties from the court.

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