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How Social Media Can Lead to Divorce

As more social platforms are created and people continually increase their use of the internet and technology, social media interaction has exploded, with people spending hours upon hours on various sites. While there are benefits to social media use, sometimes it too can be the cause of discord between married couples. In fact, social media has been linked frequently to divorce in the U.S. in recent years, which is due to a number of reasons.

Ways Social Media Can Cause Marital Discord

Marital discord can arise from hundreds of situations or circumstances, but social media is a relatively recent locus of responsibility. While the reasons for its harm in relationships vary from couple to couple, some common issues include:

  • Having an extra-marital relationship online
  • Slandering one’s spouse online
  • Publishing personal information on social media
  • Stimulating jealousy between spouses
  • Creating a lack of intimacy / social distance

All of these situations are subject to cause marital discord and could be the reason that your own marriage has hit a low point. But you do not have to live unhappy; divorce can offer you a fresh start.

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