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How an Attorney Can Help with Child Support

For many parents who are owed child support, their case seems obvious enough. The other parent has been ordered by the state to provide child support of a certain amount, and there are penalties for a failure to comply with this requirement. However, it may be possible for the other parent to seek relief from payments or a temporary halting of this requirement. If this loss of support is a serious financial blow for a family, they may need to take legal action to seek the money that they are due. The services of an attorney can prove to be invaluable in these circumstances.

If you are struggling to secure the child support that you are owed, we can help you to pursue suitable enforcement methods. Contact the Colleyville child support lawyers of Alexander & Associates today by calling 817-756-4040.

Services Offered

The services of an attorney are not required by law, but working with a lawyer can greatly simplify the process of seeking back child support and promoting future payment. If the other parent is trying to lessen or wholly forgo their obligation, it is important to ensure that you do not allow your interests to be breached because you are unprepared to respond.

At Alexander & Associates, we provide our clients with some of the following services:

  • Advice and explanation regarding how child support laws work
  • Reliable representation inside and outside the courtroom
  • Assistance with any case-related paperwork

It is easy to overlook the sheer amount of stress and time that can be required to take on an unpaid child support case alone. Let us help to relieve you of this burden.

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