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Helping Your Teenager Deal with Divorce

Divorce is hard on all members of a family, but often the older children of divorcing couples are overlooked during the separation process. Because teenagers may be somewhat independent and more mature, parents can forget that they may be experiencing confusion and anxiety associated with the divorce. As such, taking steps to help your children deal with your divorce in healthy ways is extremely important.

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Ways to Help Your Child

At Alexander & Associates, we understand that you and your spouse may be dealing with difficult decisions regarding the well-being of your family. By following a few simple tips, you can help your teenagers deal with divorce in a way that will help them, and everyone else in your family, move forward from this difficult time. These include:

  • Talk to your children as much as possible. Making sure that your teenagers know what is happening between you and your spouse is important. It can eliminate confusion and other emotions that may increase family stress unnecessarily. It can also let your child know that he or she is important and is therefore being kept “in the loop”. However, when talking to your teen, do not vilify your spouse or share details that are not necessary for your child to know.
  • Maintain a sense of normalcy. While this may seem like a challenge for families that are separating, it can help children to see that important values and traditions will still be in place despite the changes that will accompany divorce.
  • Ensure that your child has an outlet for their concerns. By ensuring that your children know where they can go to safely discuss their confusion or let out stress, you can help them from seeking unhealthy outlets for their emotions.

However difficult divorce may be on you and your spouse, do not forget that your child may be going through his or her own hardships and may need your support more than ever.

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