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Factors Influencing Child Support Payments

When a couple with children splits, the issue of child support becomes an important part of divorce proceedings. Child support agreements determine how much the spouse without primary custody will contribute financially to the primary guardian for child care needs such as diapers, food, doctor’s visits, education, and so on. Just how much is provided is based on several different factors and the individual circumstances of each parent.

If you are going through a divorce and must make an agreement regarding child support, a Colleyville child support attorney of Alexander & Associates can help you protect you and your family’s interests. To speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys today, contact our offices at 817-756-4040.

Which Factors Influence the Amount of Child Support Payments?

According to the Child Support Enforcement Act, child support payments are influenced by:

  • The income of the parent
  • The amount of time the parent spends with the child
  • Medical expenses
  • Child care costs
  • Education Costs

Additionally, child support may be modified after the divorce if any of these circumstances changes, such as the child support paying spouse receiving a pay increase or the child needing special medical care.

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The issue of child support is an important one in a divorce because the overall welfare of the child is likely to be effected by the outcome of the decision. If you are going through a divorce and child support is a factor, an experienced Colleyville child support lawyer of Alexander & Associates is prepared to fight aggressively to help you get the outcome you need. To speak with an attorney about your situation, contact our offices today at 817-756-4040.