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Enforcing Child Visitation Orders in Texas

When a parent with visitation rights isn’t allowed to see his or her child because the individual with custody refuses to honor their child visitation orders, that parent may be entitled to take legal action. A child visitation enforcement case may provide the parent with visitation rights the opportunity to call the individual with custody to the court and demand fair treatment under penalty of contempt charges. If the other parent doesn’t comply, he or she may face serious punishments from the court. At Alexander & Associates, we want to help Colleyville parents and guardians see their children if they have visitation rights.

Steps of a Child Visitation Enforcement Case

An individual filing a child visitation enforcement motion must work through the appropriate legal steps before he or she can expect to hear the court’s ruling on the motion. This process includes the following important steps:

  • First, a letter should be sent to the noncompliant individual scheduling a time and place where the child can visit the other party
  • If the noncompliant individual fails to follow through, the other parent or custodian may file a motion to enforce the visitation order
  • A hearing will be scheduled, and the wronged parent or custodian should prepare his or her detailed evidence of the noncompliant custodian’s wrongdoing
  • The judge on the case should be asked to sign an “order to appear” for the noncompliant custodian
  • The noncompliant custodian should be given ample legal notice and told to appear in court on the date of the hearing
  • Failure to appear in court may allow the parent or custodian filing the motion to file for an arrest warrant, forcing the noncompliant custodian to attend a rescheduled hearing
  • At the hearing, the parent with visitation rights should provide his or her evidence and argue for fair visitation

Once the hearing is done, the judge may decide what legal remedies are appropriate in the case. If the noncompliant custodian failed to appear for the court date or has previously ignored a parent or custodian’s attempts to contact them about the original visitation order, they may face penalties for criminal contempt.

Contact a Child Custody and Visitation Attorney in Colleyville

If you haven’t been allowed to see your child because of another custodian’s unlawful interventions, there may be legal options available to pursue a child visitation enforcement case. For a free consultation about how to enforce child custody or child enforcement orders in Colleyville, contact an attorney from Alexander & Associates today by calling 817-756-4040.