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Enforcing Child Support Orders in Other States

Parents who owe child support aren’t relieved of their court-ordered responsibilities just because they leave the state where that order was filed. Child support enforcement can reach beyond state lines in large part due to the similarity in state enforcement laws through the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). The compatibility between state laws makes it much easier for a custodial parent to enforce child support orders against a delinquent parent. However, this process can still be difficult, and at Alexander & Associates, we work closely with clients in Colleyville to fight for fair child support enforcement.

Options for Out-of-State Child Support Enforcement

Enforcing a child support order out of state requires some additional legal work on behalf of a custodial parent, but fortunately, many of the same legal steps are available as if the delinquent parent were still in Texas. The following actions can help a parent fight for the fair child support his or her family needs:

  • Filing the original child support order with the other parent’s current state of residence
  • Filing a claim with that state’s courts after the support order is accepted, allowing for full enforcement options and possible criminal charges for failure to pay child support
  • Working with the other parent’s out-of-state employer to extend a wage garnishment order outside of Texas

Although the uniformity of the laws eases this process considerably, these kinds of cases can be slightly more complicated due to the need to address out-of-state legal concerns. A custodial parent considering action against an out-of-state parent may want to discuss his or her full range of options in detail with a legal professional before filing a claim.

Contact a Child Support Enforcement Attorney in Colleyville

If you haven’t been provided with the child support you’re owed from your child’s other parent, there may be legal options available to enforce that child support order. To schedule a consultation regarding your child support enforcement options in Colleyville and elsewhere, contact an attorney from Alexander & Associates today at 817-756-4040