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Divorce Without a Prenuptial Agreement

When people marry, they rarely assume that they will eventually be faced with the division of their property during a divorce. However, some people do prepare for the possibility of divorce with a prenuptial agreement. When people without a prenuptial agreement decide to get a divorce, everything they have accumulated together, and even some things accumulated before the marriage, will be up for dispute.

If you are considering divorce and do not have a prenuptial agreement, you may need an attorney to represent your interests in the divorce. The Colleyville divorce attorneys of Alexander & Associates are experienced attorneys with a commitment to vigorously representing the interests of their clients. Contact us today at 817-756-4040 to speak to an attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and options.

If You Do Not Have a Prenuptial Agreement

Couples who have not consented to a prenuptial agreement and are deciding to part ways may have to part with some of their shared possessions as ruled by a judge. Without a prenuptial agreement, some of the issues divorcing spouses face include:

  • Division of property – No matter whose decision it was to buy a new car, the court considers any property accumulated during the union to be shared. In a divorce, the judge will have to decide who gets what.
  • Allocation of debt – As it is with property, even if only one of you drove the car, both will have to share in the debt accumulated with its purchase, as with other purchases made during the marriage.

Management of community property – When it comes to shared living space, for example, you may both have to share in the responsibility of what to do with it. If you decide to sell the space, you may have to share that decision and the work associated with it.

If you are considering divorce, or considering a prenuptial agreement, the help of an attorney can guide you in either process.

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