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Disadvantages of Independent Adoptions

For any adopting parents, the process of adopting a child is an exciting time usually filled with anticipation, and they can choose to pursue one of many different avenues to adopt a child. For some, an adoption through an adoption agency is the preferred route. For others, an independent adoption is more appealing. Both have their pros and cons, and prior to making the decision of which one to pursue, prospective parents should carefully review the virtues and risks of both.

If you are considering adoption, it is wise to have an experienced attorney to help you through any legal obstacles and concerns. At Alexander & Associates, our Colleyville adoption attorneys are prepared to help adopting parents with any of their legal needs. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today at 817-756-4040.

The Cons of Independent Adoptions

Independent adoptions have many advantages, such as the fact that adoptive parents are able to have a direct collaboration with the birth mother and father and are not subject to extra agency costs. However, there are certain disadvantages as well. Some of which include:

  • Agencies often provide counseling for birth-parents, which helps them in their decision and makes the adoption more secure. With independent adoptions, the counseling aspect is not provided.
  • The birth parents have more time in independent adoptions to reconsider and perhaps change their mind about the adoption
  • Finding a birth parent may be much more difficult with independent adoptions and sometimes are much more expensive.

Before deciding which type of adoption to go with, both options should be weighed carefully, keeping in mind what factors work best for your family.

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Adopting a child may come with certain legal concerns and hurdles. If you are considering an agency or independent adoption, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Colleyville adoption lawyer. To learn more, contact the firm of Alexander & Associates today at 817-756-4040.