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Changing a Child’s Last Name after Divorce

When two people with children decide to get divorce, there are multiple issues that must be dealt with, including child custody, child support, and visitation rights. In addition to dealing with these larger issues, there are often smaller problems which must also be handled, such as potentially changing a child’s last name. When divorce happens, children typically keep their last name, but there are some cases where this may not be true. In the cases that call for a name change, one of the parents, typically the mother, can appeal to the court for a change of name for their child.

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Conditions for a Name Change

During divorce cases, the court will put the needs of the children and their best interests first. That is why a change of a child’s last name is usually only granted if it is necessary for the child’s well-being. Some common issues that may allow a change of last name include:

  • The child is adopted by a step-parent
  • The biological parent who shares the child’s last name has no relationship with the child
  • The biological parent has had their parental rights terminated
  • The biological parent is guilty of abusive and/or criminal behavior

The change of a name is separate from other child custody issues and will not directly affect the parental relationship and decisions on child custody or child support.

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