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Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

Mediated divorces are one of the many different kinds of divorces that a couple can use when separating. Mediation in general refers to a conflict-resolution process in which a neutral mediator helps two or more parties come up with an acceptable solution for everyone involved. Mediation differs from adversarial methods in that cooperative problem solving is stressed between the involved parties. In the specific case of marriages, mediators help spouses talk out issues that arise during divorce in hopes that the two are able to come up with an acceptable agreement. Fortunately, as we at Alexander & Associates know, those couples in Colleyville who choose to pursue a mediated divorce often enjoy many benefits.

Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

Mediated divorces are a great alternative to court divorces in which a judge determines the outcome of your divorce. Typically, mediated divorces present the following advantages:

  • Less costly
  • More individual attention
  • Quicker resolution
  • Greater confidentiality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Easier on children
  • Greater stability after the divorce

Because of these benefits, many couples decide that pursuing a mediated divorce is the best option for them.

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