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Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

The decision to pursue divorce is likely to be one of the most emotionally complex and difficult decisions any Colleyville couple will ever have to make. However, once the decision has been made to legally dissolve their marriage, the couple will then need to decide what form of divorce they wish to pursue. As one of the most amicable and inexpensive forms of divorce available to Colleyville couples, collaborative divorce can be an advantageous alternative to other forms of litigated divorce.

Perhaps the most adventurous aspect of collaborative divorce is that both individuals are able actively communicate their needs and then come to mutually acceptable agreements concerning every aspect of their divorce. While each couple may retain legal counsel, this process is all about negotiation. So, while a couple may have a number of disagreements coming into this process, they will all be resolved through the process of negation.

In our experience, couples who pursue collaborative divorce typically enjoy more amicable relationships with their former partner, something that may be particularly important for former couples who have children together.

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